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Take this pet personality quiz.

What type of pet are you MOST attracted to?
What does your choice of pet say about you, as a writer?
If you were going to adopt a pet, which would you choose?





Small Animal
(e.g. gerbil, hamster, rabbit, ferret, pet rat)



Did you know that research shows your choice of a pet reveals your hidden personality traits?

Now that you have chosen a pet, what is your choice saying about you, as a writer?

The answers are below! Remember, this quiz is for fun and only partially based on factual scientific research.


You are honest, loyal, a team player. You forgive easily and are religious and compassionate. You’re a great kisser, but there IS that slobbering issue. You do best when you write in a writer's group or with a writing partner, because you tend to be happy in a pack. Beneath that furry exterior, you hide a big heart and a desire to help others. You wag your tail until somebody pets you. It’s not a pretty sight.


You are not very traditional but are Sphinx-like and wise. You want what you want when you want it. You knew about “products” before “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” Even though you don’t realize it, you are actually a shrewd leader, deep thinker, and a very self-sufficient person. This tendency to be solitary and introspective gives you the discipline you need to spend time alone writing. But when it comes to promotion, you have to push yourself out into the crowd. What you hide in the litter box is between you and the Sandman.


You appreciate differences in people and lifestyles and are a hopeful person. You’re so colorful, charming, and fun to watch that Nemo should be trying to find you. Underneath those scales you are an optimistic, mellow, Chicken of the Sea. You probably are a natural at writing for children because you understand their need for wiggle room. Watch out for the frying pan, though. Your motto is: Hey, dude, don’t take it all so seriously; go with the flow.


You decorate your nest with lots of color and style. Although you hang with the flock, you have opinions about everything. And you sing with gusto, even in the shower. You don’t even know how smart you are. You are quick-witted and have a natural beauty. You are excellent at writing essays and editorials. But you must be careful about giving opinions to people who didn't ask for your high-flying wisdom. When you join a group, you aren’t comfortable until you know its pecking order and where the worms are hidden.


You are methodical and feel more secure when you know who is in charge. Nobody needs a pick-up line to get you to cuddle. Deep down, you want take the lead, but your playful nature hides this desire from the world. You tend to like to write longhand -- something about the paper that really turns you on. A little disciplined time and space for writing would help you to meet deadlines. While others are racing ahead, you’re content to eat the nuts and seeds in your trail mix.


You require solitude. You are a self-sufficient person and independent thinker. You are a mysterious mix of rebelliousness and grace with an engaging touch of slime. Your hidden talent is the ability to change and reinvent yourself easily. You write best when you're uninterrupted and undisturbed for longer periods of time. Try not to be venemous, though, when someone breaks into your wise thoughts. Your spouse, family, and friends think they have you pegged, but when you shed your skin, you baffle them once again.


You are intelligent and sensitive with a strong streak of stubborness. You know how to communicate your thoughts and feelings with grace and ease. It's in your nature to allow others to climb on your back and ride to their destination. But if those you serve aren't properly appreciative, they can find themselves eating dust. Writing in groups and sharing what you write spurs you to greatness, because readers can't help but admire the beauty and majesty of your prose or poetry. You stand above the crowd, observing all and tolerating most.

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