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The May ’05 Writer’s Digest magazine named Writing on the Run
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Visit the Writing on the Run blog and read about Linda's new class at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota and share your comments. (See Blog Article)

Visit the Writing on the Run blog and share your comments on the topics and articles. (See Writing on the Run Blog)

Go to the "101 Writing on the Run™ Tips and Ideas" page to find practical and easy ways to make time and space for your writing.  (See 101 Writing on the Run Tips and Ideas)

Discover quick and easy exercises for overcoming writers' block. (See Practice Exercises to Overcome Writers' Block)

Read more about how to start your own Writing on the Run™ Writers' Group.  (See Start a Writing on the Run Writers' Group or Have a Writing Partner)

Take the Pet Personality Quiz for Writers and learn what your choice of pets say about you as a writer. (See Pet Personality Quiz for Writers)

Watch Allen and Linda Write Amazing Books about Animals at YouTube.com (http://www.youtube.com/user/angelanimalsnetwork)

Tired of feeling guilty or pressuring yourself to write more? Do you need to give yourself an excuse for NOT writing?  (See Your Guilt-Free Page)

Send us your own best ideas for how to help busy people make time and space for writing. (See Share Writing Tips)

New World Library is publisher of the Angel Animals© series of books by Allen and Linda Anderson. New World Library is an important supplier of animal communication books and other great materials for animal lovers.  Please visit their website and view their complete catalog of amazing books at www.newworldlibrary.com.

Find out more about Writing on the Run™ and about Linda and Allen Anderson. (See About Allen and Linda Anderson, About Linda, Book Coach, and About Allen). Visit our online bookstore at http://shop.angelanimals.net/main.sc to purchase our autographed books. Our other websites are located at www.angelanimals.net and www.rescuedsavinganimals.net.)  You can also read clips by Allen and Linda Anderson by visiting www.writingontherun.com/clipsallenlinda.html. E-mail writingontherun@aol.com for more details.

Most of all, KEEP WRITING in 2012.

Allen and Linda Anderson
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